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Which Therapist?

If you are thinking about therapy,  one of the first steps is choosing which therapist you will see. It's not always easy to decide with whom — which stranger, essentially — will you share intimate details of your life.


Are you more open with males or females? With people more culturally similar or different? What world views do you share? What type of therapy does the therapist practice? How will I be able to pay for therapy? These are all legitimate and important questions. Read about us below!


Dave Kasson, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, University at Albany (NY)

Licensed Psychologist in PA and NY; PSYPACT holder

Specializing in anxiety and mood disorders, and life identity crises of young and middle-age adults, men's issues.

Do you find yourself getting sad or angry at confusing moments in your life?  Do others find you to be "primarily angry," "often sad," or in some other way dominated by one particular feeling? Expressing and/or making sense of negative emotions is sometimes challenging in our society. In individual therapy, I help people examine, understand, and process their feelings so that they can be more productive and self-secure. 

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