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Many people short-change their mental health and/or emotional wellbeing. But when our lives become harder to manage -whether it be due to external or internal processes- we need to get support of some kind. The support from family, friends, and/or colleagues might be enough, but sometimes it is not.. or, it's the wrong kind of support.


That's where professionals come in. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, psychotherapy is "the treatment of disorders of the mind or personality by psychological methods." The way we see it, psychotherapy is a serious mode of mental health treatment, based on research but also involving human relations between client and therapist.

It is not advice-giving, it is not approving/disapproving of one's behavior, and it is more than life coaching.


If you have never received mental health treatment before, it can be scary or confusing to even consider trying it. Some people benefit from talking with others who have had successful experiences in therapy. Research shows that success depends on the degree of effort by the client, and the degree to which the therapeutic relationship is experienced as trustful and supportive.


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