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We live in a high-information, high-stakes time. It's easy for each of us to have moments where we feel like giving up or pleading for the world to slow down. Many of us make plans to exercise more, eat less, and be better to ourselves and our loved ones, but making the steps towards those goals is often elusive. Therapy can be of help. 

Many people are frustrated by their limitations, whether they be pervasive lowered mood (like clinical depression), or chronic anxiety, or poor working/eating/exercise/ sleep habits. They feel that they can't make necessary changes in their lives, and have determined it's best to "ride it out," or "get to it next year." We help you sort out the obstacles and get things accomplished. One of our therapy clients once told us, "I didn't know all that was involved in therapy. I didn't know all that was involved in my problems. But now I know what I need to do to set my life on a better track. Thanks!" 

Schedule a brief, free consultation and find out if individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, or career counseling would be helpful to you.

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